What’s new in Tilelook PRO 2017

2017-10-18 16_52_53-Impostazioni

Tilelook PRO is now more complete, professional and flexible, the ideal tool for your showroom sales. Always at the same convenient price: 23€ per month, 230€ per year

More than 200.000 authentic products

In 2017 our product library has increased from 150.000 products to over 200.000 from the most famous brands in Italy, Spain and the rest of the world. See all available brands here: https://www.tilelook.com/brands

New render engine

With the brand new render you can save even more time, you can stop it when you want and change it instantly by choosing new formats, lights and higher resolutions than before:

  • Choose the level of quality and save you render even just after a few minutes
  • Render all your cameras at once and continue working even during rendering
  • New formats/resolutions: Ultra HD (4K), A4 and A3 paper
  • Choose the sunlight intensity to your renders and add exterior backgrounds

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4owsGz5wgog


360° VR Projects

Thanks to the new WebVR viewer on Tilelook you can create fantastic panoramic and stereo-panoramic renders in 360°, view them on any smartphone and VR headset, and share them on your website and social networks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dijkRIvi8UU


Import multiple tiles with no limits

You can upload and edit all your products in one go with the new multiple tile importer by uploading an excel file with all your images. Or you can ask us to upload the products the products of your brands, we will publish them for free! https://www.tilelook.com/publish_products


Add the brands you resell and get new sales requests on Tilelook

On www.tilelook.com there are 2.500 visitors every day looking for tile products and furniture, with a total of 2 million webpages viewed every month. From now on you can take advantage of this visibility to obtain new product requests for the brands you sell, simply add your brands in your Tilelook profile, it takes 2 minutes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z83mz5kZTb4


Improved download speed with new servers

From this year Tilelook has new servers in America, Europe and Asia (Singapore) giving the best download speed all over the world. Also the program maintains in memory the products that you use more frequently, so that you don’t need to download them each time.


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