Tilelook, upload many tiles in one go, over 200K tiles now on Tilelook!

Here is an interesting update for you: are you willing to upload your own tiles for free on Tilelook?

A few months we have published a new feature on the website to upload in My Tilelook many tiles, even hundreds of them, at the same time.
We have now improved this upload using simple Excel file and .zip folders containing tile images.

Check out this brief video to start uploading your own tile catalogues for FREE!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, many users are already uploading hundreds of new tiles every day!

We want to thank you all because last week we have reached over 200K tiles published on Tilelook!

2018-06-15 14_47_52-Tilelook_ tiles

Go to the tiles gallery

Thank you all for using Tilelook, looking forward to see your new designs with new products online.

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