What’s new in Tilelook 2018

Discover all the new features of Tilelook 2018.


New feature of Tilelook of last year:

► New accounts

Tilelook now offers more option and professional tools for designers, retailers and manufacturers:

  • Tilelook PRO: for single designers, includes full use of the 3D design tool and rendering – 23€/month
  • Tilelook Business: for retailers or teams (3 workstations included). Gives access to the new Noticeboard – 46€/month
  • Tilelook Corporate: for big retail stores or manufacturers (15 workstations included). Includes a custom version of Tilelook for your website, custom product library and project – 175€/month
► 250.000 authentic products


In 2018 our product library has increased from 200.000 products to 250.000 from the most famous brands in Italy, Spain and the rest of the world. Thanks to this huge online product library you can create any design you want and also receive hundreds of purchase requests from Tilelook visitors for the products you sell.

See all brands (over 400)

Can’t find the products you need? Add them yourself! Watch video

► Dimension lines and object volumes


While you are working on a surface in the drawing you can now see where objects are located in 2D by looking at their “ghosts”, not only but you can now use the ruler tool to measure any distance between tiles, objects and edges of your surfaces and then create a dimension line (quote) that will be printed in the PDF you export. Watch the video

► Customize your project prints

3You can now export fully customised PDF documents with the details of your project thanks to the new step-by-step PDF export wizard.

Watch the video




► Scale and flip 3D objects to adapt to your design

4Sometimes you find the perfect 3D model to add to your design, but the dimension is not exactly what you need, or maybe you find a sofa piece with an arm rest on the right side, but you need it on the left side! Now, after selecting a model and clicking “edit” you can easily scale the object and decide whether to maintain its proportions or not. Also, you can mirror the object on any of its axes.

► New Noticeboard: get 200 purchase requests every month

5If you are in the interior business, offering products or custom designs, today you have another important reason to subscribe to Tilelook. Check out our new Tilelook noticeboard, where every day you will see new product and project inquiries to which you can easily reply online.

Every month there are around 200 offer requests made by Tilelook visitors already. If you are Tilelook Business users you can have access to all those leads in the brand new Notice BoardWatch the video

► Share your designs on the brand-new project section

6Each day about 400 new projects are published on Tilelook by professional users from all over the world. Thanks to the new project section, users can view new projects by Country and type of room, or view only 360° projects to view in VR, and order the result by most recent or most viewed.

Don’t miss out on showcasing your work share your designs on the new project section! Most viewed project are also chosen for our monthly newsletter with best designs on Tilelook! Visit project section

► Import/Export for SketchUp and compatiple 3D software

7Do you work with Architects and Designers that use another 3D Software? On Tilelook you can now import and export SketchUp format files (.SKP), a standard format for most popular 3D design software in the world such as Revit, Archicad, Allplan to mention the most well-known.

You can continue designing the interiors with Tilelook but give your colleagues the opportunity to insert them into their projects made with another 3D software! Watch video

► Keep your projects light with helpful tips about object complexity

8When designing interiors, it’s easy to fill your project with many 3D models of furniture and accessories to add detail to your final render. The performance of your computer and the speed of the rendering depends a lot on how many complex objects are included in the 3D scene.

Now Tilelook provides some new useful tooltips to warn you when you are using complex objects and how you can keep your projects as light as possible.

► A brand-new profile to promote yourself on Tilelook


Attract new customers to your business by completing your Tilelook profile page.

The brand-new layout lets you add a cover image, logo, all your contact details. Also, visitors will see your latest and most-viewed projects and the list of brands that you sell.

Your profile will be visible on the product pages on Tilelook of the brands you deal and you will receive contacts from customers that are closer to you!


Coming soon… October 2018!

► Add new rendering materials types


If you are a rendering expert, you can now create new material types to use in your renders. Clone any existing material type (glass, ceramic, metal, etc.) and use the new simple window to set new rendering parameters, then save your new material type!



► Position and scale background images for your renders


Do you want to show a nice garden view behind your room’s window? Add a background image to your project and, thanks to the new functionality, scale and position it in the scene to adapt it to your design!



Did you miss our news in 2016/2017?

Download the pdf file with all the news!

English version                Italian version

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