Porcelain stoneware in the kitchen: where you can use large or small sizes

There are numerous advantages of choosing porcelain stoneware for the kitchen. It represents the ideal worktop for the kitchen, and represents the best choice for walls.

Porcelain stoneware is an extremely versatile material, in fact it can be created by recreating various effects, from stone to wood, from concrete to resin. In general, it adapts to being positioned both inside and outside the house in the outdoor version.

Tiles from "Supreme" collection by Flaviker
Tiles from “Supreme” collection by Flaviker

It is perfect to be placed even in more particular environments that require greater attention such as the kitchen.

The kitchen worktop is generally made using large format slabs. It must be made of resistant, water-repellent materials that can be cleaned easily, all characteristics of porcelain stoneware. This material also allows for high durability, its colours are not altered over time, but remain vivid and brilliant.

Tiles by 41zero42
Tiles by 41zero42

Porcelain stoneware is the result of firing particular clays at very high temperatures, whether it is full body or simple porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution because it has high resistance to temperatures, it is not a porous material, a fundamental characteristic for kitchen environments , as the absence of porosity makes it impermeable to water and stains, resistant to acids and solvents. Stoneware is a durable material that is resistant to the action of any chemical substances and to the formation of humidity.

Being a versatile material, it allows you to obtain multiple effects, depending on the style of the settings. It presents a plurality of finishes and finishes that are able to satisfy even the most particular and refined tastes. From wood effect, to marble and even terracotta or concrete, it is possible to imitate any type of material to obtain the desired style, up to the effect of traditional ceramics with ad hoc created dyschromia to imitate the natural product.

Tiles by Elios Ceramiche
Tiles by Elios Ceramiche

The versatility of porcelain stoneware is emphasised by small sized tiles, various companies offer reduced modules, ideal for decorating kitchen walls.

Small sized tiles are once again the protagonists of the collections of many companies, which link tradition and contemporary design. The porcelain stoneware used to cover the backsplash is the ideal choice for the kitchen, in fact the absence of alterations over time is a fundamental characteristic. Whether it is with a geometric pattern or collections inspired by the elegance of stone or marble, with warm and enveloping colours, for contemporary and modern atmospheres, stoneware faithfully reproduces any type of material. Stoneware tiles are easy to clean, resistant to stains and together with the antibacterial treatment, available on request, it is able to remove 99% of bacteria.

Tiles from "Rebel" collection by Flaviker
Tiles from “Rebel” collection by Flaviker

For a refined and elegant style, it is always good to think ahead of the general kitchen project by defining the style and the selected color shades and matching the covering to the worktop, to the tone of the walls and to the finish of the doors, in contrast or tone on tone, in order not to make mistakes.

Whatever style is chosen for the kitchen, stoneware is able to satisfy any need.

Tiles from "Supreme Evo" collection by Flaviker
Tiles from “Supreme Evo” collection by Flaviker

In our Gallery, you can find inspiration on styles and combinations in the kitchen, always using porcelain stoneware coverings.