Bars: floors with high traffic, the “PEI” index of abrasion resistance and the “R” index of the slipperiness of the tiles.

"Hang Out" restaurant in Rome - Tiles by Ariostea

Whether it’s a bar, a restaurant or a commercial activity, when it comes to choosing the floor, you need to carefully choose a covering that can respond to various types of needs.

In sectors where there is a high flow of foot traffic, it is important to have floors that reflect certain characteristics, such as resistance to abrasion.

When you go to buy tiles, sometimes unknown abbreviations are listed.

Among these, there is the PEI index, which classifies the level of resistance to abrasion. Depending on where it is placed, the tile will be subject to greater or lesser foot traffic, which leads to surface abrasion.

The PEI index ranges from 0 to 5: zero value represents a tile that is not resistant to abrasion, while 5 represents a more resistant one. Those with a low PEI index cannot be used as tiles for a high traffic floor but can still be used for a wall covering.

For a bar, or for a heavily trafficked commercial area, floors must combine many needs: aesthetics, safety, hygiene and maintenance. However, the choice must also take into consideration the PEI index, as they are spaces subject to greater wear, it is therefore advisable to use tiles with a high PEI index, in fact if the PEI index is high, the floor will tend less to deteriorate from wear.

The “R” index is also important, in fact it indicates the coefficient of slipperiness, and classifies the tiles according to their coefficient of friction.

The optimal solution is porcelain stoneware, a very resistant and versatile ceramic; it is a material that has the characteristic of adapting perfectly to any type of room, whether it is glazed, smooth or full body, porcelain stoneware is also able to satisfy the most particular aesthetic needs, as it can be transformed into a reproduction of materials better known, such as wood, stone, marble, concrete.

Porcelain stoneware has a high resistance to abrasion, is highly waterproof and easy to remove stains, making it perfect for commercial floors. Whether it has decorations or is minimal, stoneware is always the answer even for floors subject to heavy foot traffic.

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