Coatings suitable for direct contact with water in wet areas and spas.

Tiles by Cerasarda

More and more often, when building a new house or renovating, the great expectations of homeowners lie in the bathroom area. The bathroom today is not only a functional space but also responds to emotional needs as a place entirely dedicated to relaxation, personal care and where to indulge in moments of well-being.

It is therefore important to devote particular care and attention during the design phase to best meet the customer’s needs.

There are technical solutions to recreate the benefits of hydromassage even inside the shower as particular shower heads, each designed and engineered to fulfill different types of jet.

Mosaic covering by Bisazza brand
Mosaic covering by Bisazza brand

The side shower heads give an avant-garde design and functionality that perfectly meets the high standards of a contemporary bathroom. The shower heads with multiple jets are designed to transform a simple shower into a personal SPA experience.

The shower heads can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall. The wall-mounted shower heads are equipped with an arm, with different lengths, also customisable, that can be oriented for the optimal direction of the water. The modern shower heads adapt to multiple needs and add class and elegance to the bathroom environment. Whether it is cascade, rain, or more modern and equipped with hydromassage, it is essential to carefully evaluate the diffusion of the jet based on the pressure of the water, the jet can be adjusted to have a more or less wide diffusion. If you choose a jet that is too large, the water flow may not be powerful enough.

Tiles by Cerasarda
Tiles by Cerasarda

A waterfall shower usually requires a larger shower head than traditional ones, it is preferable to install this type of shower head in large shower cubicles or cabins, so as to make the most of the water jet. Unlike the rain shower, whose jet falls separately, the waterfall jet descends in a single jet, and is designed to relax the shoulder muscles.

Another option is to use the latest models of shower heads, there are those with rotating jets, those that offer hydromassage to transform the shower into a SPA, and again the multifunctional shower heads that, in addition to massaging the neck, shoulders and cervical, also offer nebulisation, cryotherapy and chromotherapy using led lighting.

Overhead shower from "Meteo" collection by Antonio Lupi
Overhead shower from “Meteo” collection by Antonio Lupi

A shower head is arranged to have different water jets and gives a new dimension to the well-being of a daily gesture. The latest generation shower heads allow us to switch from a cascading water jet, to a tropical rain effect, or to a nebulised rain effect. Modern shower heads are not only designed for water supply, but take on a new role, aimed at bringing more relaxation into our bathroom.

Stainless steel is the most commonly used coating for shower heads, as being in contact with water, the material must not have a tendency to oxidise.

Tile from "Blended" collection by Refin
Tile from “Blended” collection by Refin

The most present showers and shower heads are those with a chrome body, as they last longer over time.

In terms of coatings in wet areas, porcelain stoneware is certainly the most used material because it is perfectly insulating and has zero porosity. Through the use of the latest generation large slabs, the presence of traditional joints is also limited and the passage of water is prevented.

Even the decorative wallpapers now have a waterproof version, through the use of supports specifically designed to be mounted in contact with water.

We present some examples of realisations and we invite you to continue following us for more information and tips on the subject of interior design.