Country Chic Style: floors, coverings and color palettes.

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How to choose the most suitable finishes to obtain it and how it differs and what it has in common with Shabby chic.
A style that refers to the house in the countryside but which is not always synonymous with rustic

If you have the idea of wanting to furnish a house or apartment in a country chic style, here you will find some indications, in particular on the most suitable finishes for floors and coverings.

The starting point is to collect ideas through a mood board where we insert the color palette we want to use, the types of materials and finishes, so that they are in line with the style we want to give to the project.

Azulej collection by Mutina
Azulej collection by Mutina

How is country chic style identified?

The country chic style provides a bucolic but refined, simple, genuine and authentic atmosphere, composed of organic materials that suggest warmth and familiarity. Normally there is the presence of exposed wooden beams and the palette used is that of warm and neutral tones such as those of leather and wood. Vintage and artisanal elements are always present and lead the mind to distant times. The fabrics are tactile and the materials used for furnishings and coverings are wood and stone.

What are the most suitable types of flooring

The choice of floors can range from the wood effect in all its nuances, choosing the more rustic version which involves the presence of knots in the planks sizes or in the more traditional chevrons, to the more rustic slate available in different shades of grey. These are the most suitable solutions for a style like the one just described.

Country chic style coverings

Natural or painted white, wood is certainly the protagonist of this style. The most in line effect is obtained by using chalk paint to finish walls and recycled furnishing elements. Luckily for us, companies that produce porcelain stoneware coverings offer various tile solutions ready to be laid on the wall with a chalk paint effect.

What materials to use

The materials that can be used for floors and walls are natural such as pre-finished parquet or original slate, we will see some examples in the gallery, or it is possible to obtain a similar effect using porcelain stoneware with a wood or stone effect. For the coverings it is also possible to insert strip elements enamelled in an irregular manner, to imitate an artisan’s work.

African Sunset Maxi Murales by Artesia
African Sunset Maxi Murales by Artesia

The preferred color palette for decorating in a country chic style

In the country chic style, neutral and warm colours form the starting point. The beige or brown color of the wood floors and ceilings, the scent and intense color of the natural leather, the delicate tones of the material fabrics used for the curtains and cushions. The color accents consist of elements with pastel tones such as sage, lavender, wisteria and sugar paper, ocher. We find these colours in the Shabby chic style, which has some aspects similar to country but in a more romantic way. We can say that these styles have contaminated each other and we have elements in common.

Traverkcountry collection by Marazzi
Traverkcountry collection by Marazzi

After a careful evaluation of the effect you want to obtain, more or less country, more or less romantic and by expertly mixing the elements described above, the final result is guaranteed.