How to choose the covering of a small bathroom and make it graceful.

When the time comes to renovate the bathroom, one of the most recurring questions concerns the finishes and in particular how to make a small bathroom cozy.

We often read that a small bathroom needs light colours or that a small bathroom must be paved with small tiles. This is not always the case.

Light colours can reflect more light, that’s true. But it is also true that the lighting of the bathroom can be designed through the use of led headlights positioned so as to illuminate indirectly with natural light temperature. In fact, the bathroom is used at all hours of the day and, for those who work outside the home, especially in the early morning and evening, therefore the artificial lighting must still be studied appropriately.

Tiles by Atlas Concorde

Returning to light colours, they do not always add space because if the walls are completely white or cream, the effect obtained is a flattening of the volumes and a decidedly banal appearance.

Using neutral colours but with darker tones or bold colours, with paints, resins or tiles, character is given to the environment. Darker tones convey a sense of elegance and luxury. The bold color can be used on a single accent wall while keeping the others a more subdued tone. Or on all the walls and why not on the ceiling, creating the “box” effect that makes the environment very special. In this way the small bathroom, especially if it is the one in the living area that is also used by guests, will be elegant and refined and will remain impressed!

Wall tiles from Boheme collection by Novoceram

Let us now deal with the theme of the floor. It is not true that a small bathroom should be tiled with small formats. In fact, the small surface to be covered lends itself perfectly to being paved with a continuous surface in Ecomalta or resin or with large-format porcelain stoneware slabs with a resin or concrete effect, in order to minimise the presence of joints.

We will deal with the theme of light finishes in the bathroom in a future post: how to make it chic and non-trivial.

Play collection by ABK
Play collection by ABK

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