Coatings suitable for direct contact with water in wet areas and spas.

More and more often, when building a new house or renovating, the great expectations of homeowners lie in the bathroom area. The bathroom today is not only a functional space but also responds to emotional needs as a place entirely dedicated to relaxation, personal care and where to indulge in moments of well-being.

It is therefore important to devote particular care and attention during the design phase to best meet the customer’s needs.

There are technical solutions to recreate the benefits of hydromassage even inside the shower as particular shower heads, each designed and engineered to fulfill different types of jet.

Mosaic covering by Bisazza brand
Mosaic covering by Bisazza brand

The side shower heads give an avant-garde design and functionality that perfectly meets the high standards of a contemporary bathroom. The shower heads with multiple jets are designed to transform a simple shower into a personal SPA experience.

The shower heads can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall. The wall-mounted shower heads are equipped with an arm, with different lengths, also customisable, that can be oriented for the optimal direction of the water. The modern shower heads adapt to multiple needs and add class and elegance to the bathroom environment. Whether it is cascade, rain, or more modern and equipped with hydromassage, it is essential to carefully evaluate the diffusion of the jet based on the pressure of the water, the jet can be adjusted to have a more or less wide diffusion. If you choose a jet that is too large, the water flow may not be powerful enough.

Tiles by Cerasarda
Tiles by Cerasarda

A waterfall shower usually requires a larger shower head than traditional ones, it is preferable to install this type of shower head in large shower cubicles or cabins, so as to make the most of the water jet. Unlike the rain shower, whose jet falls separately, the waterfall jet descends in a single jet, and is designed to relax the shoulder muscles.

Another option is to use the latest models of shower heads, there are those with rotating jets, those that offer hydromassage to transform the shower into a SPA, and again the multifunctional shower heads that, in addition to massaging the neck, shoulders and cervical, also offer nebulisation, cryotherapy and chromotherapy using led lighting.

Overhead shower from "Meteo" collection by Antonio Lupi
Overhead shower from “Meteo” collection by Antonio Lupi

A shower head is arranged to have different water jets and gives a new dimension to the well-being of a daily gesture. The latest generation shower heads allow us to switch from a cascading water jet, to a tropical rain effect, or to a nebulised rain effect. Modern shower heads are not only designed for water supply, but take on a new role, aimed at bringing more relaxation into our bathroom.

Stainless steel is the most commonly used coating for shower heads, as being in contact with water, the material must not have a tendency to oxidise.

Tile from "Blended" collection by Refin
Tile from “Blended” collection by Refin

The most present showers and shower heads are those with a chrome body, as they last longer over time.

In terms of coatings in wet areas, porcelain stoneware is certainly the most used material because it is perfectly insulating and has zero porosity. Through the use of the latest generation large slabs, the presence of traditional joints is also limited and the passage of water is prevented.

Even the decorative wallpapers now have a waterproof version, through the use of supports specifically designed to be mounted in contact with water.

We present some examples of realisations and we invite you to continue following us for more information and tips on the subject of interior design.

The wallpapers: Fashion returns!

When decorating a home, we focus a lot on the choice of furniture, style or lighting and very often the walls are neglected.

Furnishing papers are an effective alternative to paintings or the classic white wall and, if included in a design concept, they give the space originality and panache.

The wall is no longer a secondary and banal element but acquires importance and vitality becoming a decorative component of considerable impact.

In the 1970s, wallpapers were all the rage and now they have made a strong comeback to be the protagonists of contemporary interiors. The geometric designs, the floral motifs, the bright colours and the realistic prints, combined with the latest generation supports, give a touch of contemporaneity to the houses. Choosing the perfect wallpaper, however, is not a simple exercise, in fact it affects the appearance of the entire home.

“Black Hearted Love” wallpaper by London Art

The materials are many, and range from raffia to silk, from fabric to vinyl and depending on the desired effect, you can opt for natural fibres or materials such as gauze or linen. Each of these will give unique tactile and visual sensations, which will make the wall absolutely exclusive and original.

The ceramic companies have also applied the graphics of the wallpapers to the porcelain stoneware tiles, creating a unique effect on the exceptionally resistant and versatile support of the porcelain tile.

Tile from “Milano mood” collection by FAP Ceramiche

There are also high-resistance, washable wallpapers on the market that are absolutely perfect for covering even humid environments, you only need to inquire if the chosen paper model is waterproof and washable.

Another trick is the adhesive, which is suitable for environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you have fallen madly in love with a specific reason, you can always apply a protective sealant to preserve it. One aspect definitely in favour of decor papers is that if after a while you want to renew the look of the wall, you just need to opt for a different paper, totally changing the appearance of the room, always keeping up with new trends.

The decor papers allow you to deceive the eye, they can make a room different, bigger and brighter or, depending on the type of print, they can also make it optically smaller.

The colours can be coordinated with the color palette chosen for the renovation project, or be totally in contrast. To make the most of them, they should be placed in the most visible place in the room.

Wallpapers are perfect for any type of style, and in such a vast market, all that remains is to make a choice.

Whether it is material, vintage, damask or geometric, the watchword must be “balance” in the project.

The colours chosen for the walls modify the visual perception of a room. Light colours, for example, give the eye the illusion of having a larger and brighter space, while more original prints can give the room a greater visual impact.

It is necessary to avoid the shapes and colours that weigh down the eye and the furniture of the room, but opt ​​for a paper that can emphasise the style of the room, becoming the perfect setting.

Be inspired by our selection of wallpapers, choose your favourite, and give a new life to the walls of the house.

Porcelain stoneware to cover the backsplash of the kitchen area, the top and the island.

The kitchen is the nerve center of the house, where not only dishes are prepared, but you have the opportunity to spend time with your family or loved ones.
The kitchen space has been subject to modifications and changes, because the way of living the house has changed.
To give character and uniqueness to this space, the choice of the correct materials is essential.

During the drafting of the project, time and attention are invested in various aspects: materials, finishes, appliances, to ensure that everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail.
An absolute mistake to avoid is to neglect the backsplash, the choice of kitchen coating is not an accessory.

Tiles: Beton collection by Casalgrande Padana

In Italian, it is commonly called, the para sketches, and the market has progressed to offer a vastness of coverings to make the house more welcoming, practical and suited to your needs.

Numerous sources of inspiration were presented at CERSAIE 2022. Where the new trends in the field of marble were exhibited.

In the past, mosaic was often used, but now the kings of the kitchen are the continuous slabs. These are sheets of 3 meters high and 5 millimetres wide.
With a thousand shades, glossy or matte finishes, they are also the best solution, as they are extremely resistant to even the most stubborn stains.

Tiles: Doria collection by Pamesa

A suggestion is to create it in porcelain stoneware, a highly performing material, but above all practical, due to its impermeability. Because it is extremely important for the function that the coating performs, which must be optically pleasing, but first of all it must be efficient to protect the wall from any stain. The most creative can also opt for the coloured porcelain stoneware, which can be decorated with digital graphics, recreating various effects.

The size of the tiles or slabs also matters.
Depending on the desired effect, on the market you are spoiled for choice, you can choose between different shapes and sizes, from large formats, to classic tiles, from hexagonal to slim tiles, they can be in the same color as the kitchen or become the vibrant and characteristic element of the house.

Tiles: Heritage collection by Level by Emilgroup

If you want to achieve a refined environment, and a promising result, and if the spaces allow it, a good solution is the combination of the peninsula with the backsplash.
In this way a concordance of elements and materials is obtained, which will optically give a harmonious result. This solution combines aesthetics with practice, as it is an additional support base.

Tiles: Niro collection by Pamesa

We offer you various examples of backsplash to make your kitchen unique.

A small corner of physical and mental well-being. Create a home spa.

Creating an oasis of well-being at home, where you can relax and release the tension accumulated during the day, is the dream of many.

When designing a bathroom, relaxation becomes a fundamental aspect to consider during the decision-making project. Beautifying your home, carving out a space to regenerate the body, is possible through a few tricks.

To create an elegant environment, the choice of materials is a fundamental element. Erroneously building a home spa can be considered expensive, or impractical due to limited space, but with a few tricks, it is possible to make this dream come true.

Tiles: Mineral Collection by Ariana

What are the steps to designing a home spa?

First of all, it is necessary to carry out an evaluation of the most suitable environment to host your project, whatever your idea of ​​relaxation is, harmony is the key, in fact the mixture of materials and furnishing accessories must adapt perfectly to the home environment. The color of the coverings and furnishings are the elements that will give character to the spaces.

In wellness centres, the materials and coatings are carefully chosen to ensure the best technical performance in terms of thermal insulation, resistance to steam and humidity.

Tiles: Boostmix collection by Atlas Concorde

Being an environment where water is sovereign, there is a need for the resistance of the materials to be high; an optimal solution are porcelain tiles, which represent the most practical and versatile choice.
Porcelain stoneware is obtained from the processing of ceramic clays, sand and natural materials, which are finely ground and fired at temperatures above 1000 °.
Its properties make this material unique and make it perfect for various types of environments.
One of the main features of porcelain stoneware is the lack of porosity, which guarantees almost zero water absorption, which makes it waterproof and extremely resistant.
The countless solutions on the market ensure an excellent aesthetic result, able to achieve the desired style.
The choice of tiles for the wet area flooring is crucial and may seem difficult, due to the wide variety of options.

Tiles: Klas collection by Kronos Ceramiche
Tiles: Klas collection by Kronos Ceramiche

Once you have chosen the style and format, given the infinite range of textures, you can meet your design needs.
To promote mental relaxation, you could also opt for a wood effect, which gives your rooms warmth and naturalness, guaranteeing technical performance.

If you are looking for inspiration, on Tilelook you can find many original ideas to create your home spa.

How to choose the covering of a small bathroom and make it graceful.

When the time comes to renovate the bathroom, one of the most recurring questions concerns the finishes and in particular how to make a small bathroom cozy.

We often read that a small bathroom needs light colours or that a small bathroom must be paved with small tiles. This is not always the case.

Light colours can reflect more light, that’s true. But it is also true that the lighting of the bathroom can be designed through the use of led headlights positioned so as to illuminate indirectly with natural light temperature. In fact, the bathroom is used at all hours of the day and, for those who work outside the home, especially in the early morning and evening, therefore the artificial lighting must still be studied appropriately.

Tiles by Atlas Concorde

Returning to light colours, they do not always add space because if the walls are completely white or cream, the effect obtained is a flattening of the volumes and a decidedly banal appearance.

Using neutral colours but with darker tones or bold colours, with paints, resins or tiles, character is given to the environment. Darker tones convey a sense of elegance and luxury. The bold color can be used on a single accent wall while keeping the others a more subdued tone. Or on all the walls and why not on the ceiling, creating the “box” effect that makes the environment very special. In this way the small bathroom, especially if it is the one in the living area that is also used by guests, will be elegant and refined and will remain impressed!

Wall tiles from Boheme collection by Novoceram

Let us now deal with the theme of the floor. It is not true that a small bathroom should be tiled with small formats. In fact, the small surface to be covered lends itself perfectly to being paved with a continuous surface in Ecomalta or resin or with large-format porcelain stoneware slabs with a resin or concrete effect, in order to minimise the presence of joints.

We will deal with the theme of light finishes in the bathroom in a future post: how to make it chic and non-trivial.

Play collection by ABK
Play collection by ABK

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Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

The year we are about to leave behind was one of fundamental growth for our reality. This is time of balances and we can only feel satisfied with the changes and innovations that are already a reality and with the expected future developments.

Tilelook is now also a Marketplace and many industry professionals are supporting our work and choosing Tilelook as a reference for their projects.

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Products in the moodboard: Delight collection by Lea Ceramiche, Elementi collection by Iris Ceramica, Nature Mood Collection by Casa dolce Casa – Casamood, Multiforme Dune by Marca Corona.
Products in the moodboard: Delight collection by Lea Ceramiche, Elementi collection by Iris Ceramica, Nature Mood Collection by Casa dolce Casa – Casamood, Multiforme Dune by Marca Corona.

Match the colours in Interior Design

Matching colours is not a trivial matter, especially when it comes to Interior Design and there is a specific science that indicates the rules for creating perfect combinations.

If you too are wondering how interior design professionals do not miss a match, read on and follow our blog for our professional advice.

The use of color has the power to change the appearance of a room by adding depth and filling voids, creating verticality, when color is used to fill an entire wall from top to bottom. Last but not least, the color gives character and personalization to the spaces.

Products on the moodboard: ABK "Wide&Style" collection, De' Venetia "Marco Polo Maxi" collection, Acquario Due "Calathea" collection, Iris Ceramica "Diesel - Cosmic Marble" collection.
Products on the moodboard: ABK “Wide&Style” collection, De’ Venetia “Marco Polo Maxi” collection, Acquario Due “Calathea” collection, Iris Ceramica “Diesel – Cosmic Marble” collection.

Not to be mistaken, professionals rely on the Color Circle, a very useful device that was developed by Johannes Itten. It helps us to match the colours which are divided into primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary colors are yellow, blue and red. By mixing them, you get the secondary colours, green, orange and purple. In the outer part of the circle we have the tertiary colours, which are the sum of the secondary and tertiary colours.

When we combine two or more colours, we must be clear about the effect we want to achieve: a contrast or a harmonious whole. To achieve a contrast we combine two complementary colours, those that have an opposite position on the Color Circle such as green and red, yellow and purple. On the contrary, to achieve balance and harmony we can combine similar colours that are in an adjacent position on the Color Circle, for example green and blue or yellow and green.

A very refined combination is the monochromatic one, which sees different shades of the same color side by side.

Arper “Arcos” collection

In the images we have some examples of realizations using porcelain stoneware floors and walls with complementary, analogous and monochromatic colors.

41zero42 “Timeline” collection

We will talk more about color on our Blog and we will tackle the themes of hue and saturation. Leave us a comment and keep following us for more tips.

“Full-body” porcelain tiles

A frequently asked question when it is time to choose how to cover the floor concerns the technical characteristics of the tiles.

When the maximum technical performance for an interior is required, the choice falls on full-body porcelain tile. The meaning of this expression concerns the internal composition of the tile. Full-body porcelain tile is a product that shows exactly the colors that cross the entire body of the tile on the surface. This feature means that in the rare case in which the tile splinters the aesthetic damage is minimal.

Products on the moodboard: Casalgrande “Stile” collection, Marazzi “Allmarble” collection, Saime “Ferrocemento” collection, La Faenza “Legno del Notaio” collection.

But let’s take a step back. Traditionally all the tiles were glazed on the surface. Starting from the 1980s, different and innovative technical solutions were born. The term full body was coined at the end of the 1980s with the introduction of the technology of salt and pepper speckled porcelain stoneware.

Later the technology was developed and colored mixtures were created that allowed to recreate veins and streaks of different colors which, after being pressed and fired, recreated an appearance similar to marble, although not achieving completely satisfactory graphic and aesthetic results.

Caesar Chic collection

The unglazed tiles are uniform throughout the thickness, without any difference and discontinuity between surface and body. Although this characteristic seemed to drastically limit the variability of the surface appearance, an intense research activity has allowed us to develop techniques, materials and technologies for the preparation of powders that allow to obtain surface textures and decorative effects that were previously unknown for unglazed tiles. The range of surface effects is further extended by the possibility of applying techniques of grinding, polishing, sandblasting, lapping and 3D effects.

Graniti Fiandre “Il Veneziano” collection

Furthermore, the full-body tiles can be decorated with the digital graphics technique, recreating the most varied natural effects such as marble, stone, wood, while maintaining the exceptional performance of porcelain stoneware.

In order to verify the real composition of a tile, it is sufficient to consult the technical data sheets provided by the manufacturing companies, which are generally detailed and proven by laboratory tests.

This type of tile is suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom and in all rooms of the house but is often also suitable for outdoor use to cover balconies and terraces and in commercial shops or public places with high traffic.

Marazzi “Alchimia” collection

Let us know what you think and if you have recently undergone a refurb!

If right now you are looking for ideas, on our site there is a wide selection of tiles with these characteristics from the best brands. Contact us for technical and style advice and leave us your comments!

New website has been online since 2013 and it has always been synonymous with Software for the design of customisable rooms through the almost unlimited choice of floors and walls.

With the ever-increasing presence of leading companies both in terms of quality and level of design offered, has reached extraordinary numbers: three hundred thousand products on display, three million page views, and fifteen thousand purchase requests.

Abk brand profile on

As a result of these exceptional numbers, Tecnobit srl, which owns Tilelook Brand, has decided to develop a new company branch, distinct from the supply of software, which has as its object the buying and selling of tiles and so the Marketplace was born. A virtual place where architects, individuals and companies can interact with resellers registered with Tilelook and, through the portal, request information and quotes on the products presented in the private section of the site with an internal chat. Manufacturers have the chance to become part of the world of Tilelook and show their products choosing whether to indicate the prices or whether to forward the requests through to the area dealers.

Cerasarda brand profile on

To date, it can be said that this movement of requests has been almost spontaneous. But our goal is to double organic web traffic and increase conversion from visits to purchase requests. The negotiations will be international and the site will be translated into many languages. Tecnobit employs a team of expert developers, graphic designers and copywriters.

Catalano brand profile on

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