A small corner of physical and mental well-being. Create a home spa.

Creating an oasis of well-being at home, where you can relax and release the tension accumulated during the day, is the dream of many.

When designing a bathroom, relaxation becomes a fundamental aspect to consider during the decision-making project. Beautifying your home, carving out a space to regenerate the body, is possible through a few tricks.

To create an elegant environment, the choice of materials is a fundamental element. Erroneously building a home spa can be considered expensive, or impractical due to limited space, but with a few tricks, it is possible to make this dream come true.

Tiles: Mineral Collection by Ariana

What are the steps to designing a home spa?

First of all, it is necessary to carry out an evaluation of the most suitable environment to host your project, whatever your idea of ​​relaxation is, harmony is the key, in fact the mixture of materials and furnishing accessories must adapt perfectly to the home environment. The color of the coverings and furnishings are the elements that will give character to the spaces.

In wellness centres, the materials and coatings are carefully chosen to ensure the best technical performance in terms of thermal insulation, resistance to steam and humidity.

Tiles: Boostmix collection by Atlas Concorde

Being an environment where water is sovereign, there is a need for the resistance of the materials to be high; an optimal solution are porcelain tiles, which represent the most practical and versatile choice.
Porcelain stoneware is obtained from the processing of ceramic clays, sand and natural materials, which are finely ground and fired at temperatures above 1000 °.
Its properties make this material unique and make it perfect for various types of environments.
One of the main features of porcelain stoneware is the lack of porosity, which guarantees almost zero water absorption, which makes it waterproof and extremely resistant.
The countless solutions on the market ensure an excellent aesthetic result, able to achieve the desired style.
The choice of tiles for the wet area flooring is crucial and may seem difficult, due to the wide variety of options.

Tiles: Klas collection by Kronos Ceramiche
Tiles: Klas collection by Kronos Ceramiche

Once you have chosen the style and format, given the infinite range of textures, you can meet your design needs.
To promote mental relaxation, you could also opt for a wood effect, which gives your rooms warmth and naturalness, guaranteeing technical performance.

If you are looking for inspiration, on Tilelook you can find many original ideas to create your home spa.