The choice between bath or shower

bathtub or shower?

How to choose the most functional solution, considering the choice of bathtub, shower or a combination of them. The choice of coverings for the shower and the tub wall.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable option between bathtub and shower, also considering the guests and the spaces available, it is important to evaluate various factors to make the best decision.

Free Standing by Agape
Free Standing by Agape

The bathtub, an oasis of relaxation

The bathtub undoubtedly offers an experience of relaxation and well-being. It represents the ideal solution for those who have the possibility of assigning one of the bathrooms in the house to this solution. Ideal solution for those who like to carve out small moments of tranquility and who want to indulge in a bath and a long immersion in the water, after a day of work or in moments of relaxation.

The choice of a bathtub is particularly suitable even when you have at least two bathrooms in the house and there are small children, as it provides a special space where you can come into contact with the water in peace and transform bath time into a more comfortable situation. pleasant and playful.

Bathrooms by Jacuzzi
Bathrooms by Jacuzzi

The offer on the market

The market offers a variety of bathtubs, different in needs, space or budget availability, with or without an integrated hydromassage and chromotherapy system, made up of different more or less valuable materials, integrated into the wall or free standing.

Contrary to popular belief, the bathtub option is optimal against water waste, as it involves a reduction in water use compared to the shower.

The shower, comfort and practicality

The shower is the perfect choice for those who prefer a more practical and faster solution and if there is only one bathroom in the house it is the ideal solution. However, the choice of shower does not exclude the presence of mini customisable and modular wellness programs, which are offered by the most advanced companies in the sector.

The shower solutions are dedicated to professional and private wellness. They can provide body jets capable of combining maximum functionality and modern design in search of total well-being to be enjoyed at home as well as in the most cutting-edge wellness centres. The jets can be strong and energising or delicate mist vaporised on the skin.

Compatibly with the chosen style, you can opt for various types of shower enclosures, such as corner enclosures, shower enclosures with niche, walk in shower enclosures, semi-circular shower enclosures. The choice of the latter is strictly connected to the available spaces.

The choice of coverings

When choosing the bathroom covering, the shower wall deserves particular attention: it is extremely important that the coverings coincide with an overall style but at the same time, allow them to be suitable for constant contact with water. The most suitable materials are porcelain stoneware coverings, a versatile material that adapts to all needs, but above all it is totally resistant to water, thanks to its zero porosity. If you were to opt for a natural stone cladding, it would be perfect for a refined and contemporary aesthetic, keeping in mind that it is a material that requires greater attention and deep cleaning.

Zenit by Antonio Lupi
Zenit by Antonio Lupi

The hybrid solution: The tub with shower

If you only have one bathroom but it is spacious enough, a hybrid solution that combines a bathtub and shower could be the perfect choice.

Bathtubs with shower are the ideal solution for those looking for the convenience of a tub combined with the functionality of a shower.

This option offers the versatility of being able to choose between a relaxing bath in the tub or a quick shower, based on the needs and preferences of the moment.