“Full-body” porcelain tiles

A frequently asked question when it is time to choose how to cover the floor concerns the technical characteristics of the tiles.

When the maximum technical performance for an interior is required, the choice falls on full-body porcelain tile. The meaning of this expression concerns the internal composition of the tile. Full-body porcelain tile is a product that shows exactly the colors that cross the entire body of the tile on the surface. This feature means that in the rare case in which the tile splinters the aesthetic damage is minimal.

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But let’s take a step back. Traditionally all the tiles were glazed on the surface. Starting from the 1980s, different and innovative technical solutions were born. The term full body was coined at the end of the 1980s with the introduction of the technology of salt and pepper speckled porcelain stoneware.

Later the technology was developed and colored mixtures were created that allowed to recreate veins and streaks of different colors which, after being pressed and fired, recreated an appearance similar to marble, although not achieving completely satisfactory graphic and aesthetic results.

Caesar Chic collection

The unglazed tiles are uniform throughout the thickness, without any difference and discontinuity between surface and body. Although this characteristic seemed to drastically limit the variability of the surface appearance, an intense research activity has allowed us to develop techniques, materials and technologies for the preparation of powders that allow to obtain surface textures and decorative effects that were previously unknown for unglazed tiles. The range of surface effects is further extended by the possibility of applying techniques of grinding, polishing, sandblasting, lapping and 3D effects.

Graniti Fiandre “Il Veneziano” collection

Furthermore, the full-body tiles can be decorated with the digital graphics technique, recreating the most varied natural effects such as marble, stone, wood, while maintaining the exceptional performance of porcelain stoneware.

In order to verify the real composition of a tile, it is sufficient to consult the technical data sheets provided by the manufacturing companies, which are generally detailed and proven by laboratory tests.

This type of tile is suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom and in all rooms of the house but is often also suitable for outdoor use to cover balconies and terraces and in commercial shops or public places with high traffic.

Marazzi “Alchimia” collection

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