The wallpapers: Fashion returns!

When decorating a home, we focus a lot on the choice of furniture, style or lighting and very often the walls are neglected.

Furnishing papers are an effective alternative to paintings or the classic white wall and, if included in a design concept, they give the space originality and panache.

The wall is no longer a secondary and banal element but acquires importance and vitality becoming a decorative component of considerable impact.

In the 1970s, wallpapers were all the rage and now they have made a strong comeback to be the protagonists of contemporary interiors. The geometric designs, the floral motifs, the bright colours and the realistic prints, combined with the latest generation supports, give a touch of contemporaneity to the houses. Choosing the perfect wallpaper, however, is not a simple exercise, in fact it affects the appearance of the entire home.

“Black Hearted Love” wallpaper by London Art

The materials are many, and range from raffia to silk, from fabric to vinyl and depending on the desired effect, you can opt for natural fibres or materials such as gauze or linen. Each of these will give unique tactile and visual sensations, which will make the wall absolutely exclusive and original.

The ceramic companies have also applied the graphics of the wallpapers to the porcelain stoneware tiles, creating a unique effect on the exceptionally resistant and versatile support of the porcelain tile.

Tile from “Milano mood” collection by FAP Ceramiche

There are also high-resistance, washable wallpapers on the market that are absolutely perfect for covering even humid environments, you only need to inquire if the chosen paper model is waterproof and washable.

Another trick is the adhesive, which is suitable for environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you have fallen madly in love with a specific reason, you can always apply a protective sealant to preserve it. One aspect definitely in favour of decor papers is that if after a while you want to renew the look of the wall, you just need to opt for a different paper, totally changing the appearance of the room, always keeping up with new trends.

The decor papers allow you to deceive the eye, they can make a room different, bigger and brighter or, depending on the type of print, they can also make it optically smaller.

The colours can be coordinated with the color palette chosen for the renovation project, or be totally in contrast. To make the most of them, they should be placed in the most visible place in the room.

Wallpapers are perfect for any type of style, and in such a vast market, all that remains is to make a choice.

Whether it is material, vintage, damask or geometric, the watchword must be “balance” in the project.

The colours chosen for the walls modify the visual perception of a room. Light colours, for example, give the eye the illusion of having a larger and brighter space, while more original prints can give the room a greater visual impact.

It is necessary to avoid the shapes and colours that weigh down the eye and the furniture of the room, but opt ​​for a paper that can emphasise the style of the room, becoming the perfect setting.

Be inspired by our selection of wallpapers, choose your favourite, and give a new life to the walls of the house.